Four Elements Trainer

Four Elements Trainer Game

Four Elements Trainer
  • Developer: MITY
  • Genre: Visual Novel
  • Version: 1.0.0a
User Rating: Rating 4.62

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Release Date
November 27, 2014
Visual Novel
Windows PC


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Four Elements Trainer Game: Download for Windows

Evelyn Young

Four Elements Trainer is a video game developed by Fantastic, Inc. published by Big Fish Games. This was released on September 9, 2009, for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. The game is a puzzle, strategy game that challenges player to help nature restore the world to its former glory. Player takes on the role of a young wizard who must master in order to save Four Elements Trainer download the world from an evil wizard. This is a single player join that can be played on the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PC.


The graphics are colorful, well-detailed. Environment is based on real-world locations, and Four Elements Trainer game characters are based on mythological creatures. Visual style is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, other cel-shaded games. The graphics are colorful and cheerful. This is set in fantasy world, graphics reflect that. Character designs are cute, Four Elements Trainer mod environments are well-detailed. Graphics are pleasing to look at, do not take away from gameplay.


The gameplay is based on matching three or more symbols of the same element. Symbols are arranged in a grid, you must swap two adjacent symbols Four Elements Trainer online to create a match of three or more. You can also create matches or more symbols to earn bonus points. This is divided into levels, you must complete each level before progressing to the next.


This includes a multiplayer mode that supports up to players. In multiplayer mode, download Four Elements Trainer players can work together to complete the game's challenges. This is a great way to play with friends, family.


This is a highly replayable game. Features multiple difficulty levels, Four Elements Trainer free player can also earn achievements for completing certain tasks. This also features a level editor, which allows you to create your own levels. This is replayable because the player can try to beat their previous score. This is also short enough that it can be played again and again.


  1. What is Four Elements Trainer?
    This is a game that allows players to train their elemental powers.
  2. How do I play it?
    Players use the arrow keys on their keyboard to control their character. The goal is to complete various elemental challenges, earn points.
  3. What are the different challenges?
    The challenges vary depending on the element being trained. Players may need to collect items, dodge obstacles, or defeat enemies.
  4. How long does it take to play Four Elements Trainer?
    This can be played for any length of time. It is up to the player to decide how long to play.


This is a well-crafted puzzle game that offers a challenging, rewarding experience. Graphics are colorful and detailed, gameplay is addictive, enjoyable. This is also highly replayable, thanks to its multiple difficulty levels Four Elements Trainer PC level editor. This is a fun, addicting game that is worth playing. Graphics are colorful, gameplay is simple but challenging. The game is replayable and is short enough to be played again and again.


  • Great graphics and animations
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay
  • Nice variety of levels Four Elements Trainer Windows challenges


  • This can be a bit repetitive after a while
  • Controls can be a bit unresponsive at times

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